My favorite website at the moment, adorable, crafty, shop of art and nostalgic objects. 

Websites on upcycling to help me with my design research project

Learn to Read Art: A History of Printed Matter

The exhibition, curated by Max Schumann, Associate Director, and AA Bronson, presents a survey of the publishing output of Printed Matter, Inc. over the last 35 years.

I think working in this environment would be fantastic, I would love to work in a studio with walls like this, very inspiring!


This is incredible. Can always turn a negative into a positive.

Some logos I created for Sara-Lou Jewellery, she wanted a classy but still feminine and modern look. 

Good Life Project: Lisa Congdon on Building a Career as an Illustrator.

Great advice and inspiration especially because she collects worn vintage things like myself and likes to surround herself in creative places that make her happy. 


Her website is beautiful! I like her idea of creating a piece of hand drawn type each day. Her Nordic inspired work makes me excited for my trip to Oslo in July! 

Becoming an Illustrator - Lynne Chapman (freelance illustrator, UK)

Some great advice I think is to get loads of magazines and illustrate them if you are interested in doing editorial illustration and how specialist trade magazines often are looking for illustrators. 


Kate Bingamanburt is an illustrator whose work I found by looking on Jessica Hisches website. She creates an illustration a day which is what I try and do, I think her website looks great, really colourful, fun and quirky and inspires me when creating my own website. 

The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessica Hische


More insight into the scary world of freelancing and pricing!

"If you’ve done any editorial illustration work (magazines and newspapers), you know that the rates are pretty standard across the board: $250-$500 for a spot illustration, $500-$750 for a half page, $1000-$1500 for a full page, $2000-$3000 for a full spread, $1500-$3500 for a cover.”

"There are a lot of reasons why designers and illustrators are reluctant to talk about pricing, the most obvious being that no one wants to shout their annual income to the masses. Once you start giving away your general prices, it’s not incredibly difficult to add things up and figure out a ballpark of what an individual or company makes in a year. A personal note: don’t assume that the pricing structure above means that I’m swimming in a pile of money. My half-retired dentist father still makes more than I do. The fake job I used as an example above is an advertising job, and I used it as an example because pricing for advertising is one of the darkest arts of all. There are wild differences in pricing from presentation to buyout, and a ton of factors that affect the price. It’s great to surround yourself with friends or more experienced designers that can help you price a job. You can always consult The GAG’s Ethical Guide for Pricing, but definitely use it for ballparking more than definitive numbers.”

Lydia Garner is an illustrator living in and in Derbyshire. She is inspired by vintage objects and has a feminine and fun style of illustration. She takes commissions for all types of work, including publishing, editorial, children’s books and murals. She is a full member of the association of illustrators, something which I am looking into joining, to gain recognition as an illustrator.  

Her business cards (above) have inspired me when designing my own, they include different pieces of her work and are very eye catching. I also like how the corners are rounded which makes them look a bit different. 

I am often inspired by bones and so I decided to create some rib cages these became heart shapes that remind me of butterflies. I scanned in my hand drawn illustration and digitally rendered it to create this Gothic style pattern. 

Updated Oasis social media promotion.

IdeasTap interview with Juila Pott. Despite Julia Pott being an animator which is something I don’t particularly do a lot of I still found this short interview helpful because it gave me insight into the industry and her illustrative style is fantastic!